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Extreme drought reveals bodies of two girls killed in 1971

A severe drought in South Dakota has resulted in the discovery of two girls who were killed in May of 1971. The girls had been on their way to an end of school year party that was taking place at a gravel pit. They drove off a country road and into a creek where they remained hidden until the drought lower the water levels enough for the car to be seen.

Drought reveals car that held bodies of two missing women
Argus Leader/MSN

According to state and local officials at a news conference on Tuesday, April 15 a 1960 Studebaker was discovered last September that held the remains of Cheryl Miller, 17, and Pamella Jackson, 17. Both of the girls attended Vermillion High School.

Among the evidence removed from the vehicle were the girls clothing that was well preserved, Miller’s purse and her driver’s license. Attorney General Marty Jackley stated that DNA was used to confirm the girl’s identities.

Jackley revealed that there was no indication that either of the girls had been drinking prior to the accident and there wasn’t any evidence of foul play. “It’s consistent with a car accident. To start with, the forensic pathology and anthropology reports indicate that there’s no type of injury that would be consistent with or caused by foul play or inappropriate conduct.”

The bodies of the girls were found in the front seat and their clothing was intact indicating an accident and not deaths by any crimes. Jackley stated that one of the car’s tires was damaged and the thread was thin but there was no way to tell if a blown tire could have caused the crash.

Jackley read a statement from the Miller and Jackson family at the press conference. “Our day has come through this journey for answers pertaining to our sister Sherry and dear friend Pam, for we will be able to finish the last chapter of this journey.”

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