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Extreme Doggcrapp workout


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The name may sound vulgar, but if you’re looking to vary your workout program, then Doggcrap may be for you. Bodybuilders are having great success with this training program, as it allows them to build a lot of muscle in a short period of time.

Where did the name Doggcrapp come from? According to an interview with, the name originated from a screen name on a blog.

“… six years ago I was a member of a small but elite bodybuilding board on the Net that had about 50 members. I never posted; I just read the posts. I had viewed some posts by advanced bodybuilders on that board that I felt were very detrimental toward their health. I decided to respond and posted with the anonymous screen name of Doggcrapp. I thought it would be one post and kaput, done and over with. Man, was I ever wrong!”1
The basics of this workout program are:
·         Heavy weights
·         Multiple repetition breaks
·         Low volume with higher repetition
·         Lots of stretching
You will pick one exercise from each muscle group: chest, shoulders, and triceps. For a complete list visit: How is it done?
1.      Find a weight you can lift or curl about 15 repetitions
2.      Do as many reps as you can until you can’t do a full rep (hit failure)
3.      Rack it for 30 seconds
4.      Do as many as you can until you hit failure
5.      Rack it for 30 more seconds
6.      Do as many as you can until you hit failure.
7.      Go to the next exercise on your workout list.
You will complete all the exercises on your list in this manner. If you can get 15 repetitions before you hit your first failure then the next time you workout, you will increase the weight. Otherwise, stay at the same weight until you can achieve your goal of 15 repetitions.
For safety reasons, you should not do quad and back exercises while using the Doggcrapp system. It is essential that you have a partner or someone to spot you while you’re working out. You will only be able to do one set of each exercise you try because you will exhaust your muscles completely if you follow the directions.
This is a great way to build muscle mass. This system uses the muscle confusion method to keep you from plateauing. You can find more information about the Doggcrapp program at This website has a complete workout program with exercise plans for each muscle group and includes detailed directions. Remember to drink plenty of water and workout safely. 
1 Bodybuilding Success Blueprint: Dante’s Inferno – Doggcrapp (DC) Training By: Ron Harris (for full article, see link below) 


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