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Extravagant Beauty Blowout: An informative beauty event filled with pampering

Keratin Complex products
Keratin Complex products
Lesley Reider

Keratin Complex recently sponsored a 2-day event called Extravagant Beauty Blowout at The London Hotel Penthouse Suite. The event featured pampering treatments such as hair styling by Keratin Complex, mini brightening facials by GOLDFADEN MD, makeup touch-ups by Palladio, flawless self-tans by KARORA, and polish changes and nail art by Dermelect.

The brands featured in all of the treatments also showcased their current and upcoming products. Keratin Complex carries a full line of keratin-rich products such as the Volumizing Dry Shampoo Lift Powder, Timeless Color Fade Defy Conditioner, and Flex Flow Flexible Shaping Hairspray. MoldMe Matte Texturizing Cream and Iconic Polish High Shine are 2 new products that will come out in July. GOLDFADEN MD features anti-oxidant rich skincare products designed for specific skin concerns such as Fresh A Peel and Light Treatment. Palladio carries a range of herbal and vitamin enriched cosmetics such as the High Intensity Herbal Lip Balm, the Herbal Perfecting Lip Liner, and the Herbal Matte Blush. KARORA features self-tanning products that are good for your skin such as KARORA Gradual Tan, KARORA Express Bronzing Mousse, and KARORA CC Cream. Lastly, Dermelect carries a full line of peptide-infused treatments and lacquers, and will be introducing Matte-iculous and Immaculate, two products that improve nail health and extend the life of your nail color, this summer.

What a great assortment of beneficial beauty products!