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Extraterrestrial Aliens Now Allowed to Declare Themselves on Census

Aliens - Stand Up and Be Counted!
Aliens - Stand Up and Be Counted!
Geoffrey Campell

Do the Serbians know something we don’t? The newest census form in the European nation allows census takers to declare their nationality as extraterrestrials.

“I think we are seeing a progression to full disclosure of UFOs worldwide,” said David Weber, a UFO expert based in Los Angeles. “It will be interesting to see how the US Census bureau responds.”

Weberg believes that the new census option is the next logical step forward in preparing the public for the day when world governments will announce that aliens are indeed among us.

Aliens in Serbia will not have to provide census details such as sex, religion, or their preferred method of time/space/dimension travel.

Back in 2001, England reported that 390,000 people stated their religion as “Jedi”. Unfortunately, the Office of National Statistics did not know how to categorize it, so they tossed it in with the atheists. Sorry, Obi Wan.