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Extraordinary Bosses as Explorers

Extraordinary Bosses as Explorers
Extraordinary Bosses as Explorers Images

What if” is a great way to find the newest and best way to sell a product. “What if” is how the best and the brightest get things done in a unique way.

Are you an explorer? Are you willing to stand at the edge of the cliff and find a way to get across that has never been done before?

An extraordinary boss will be part of the first team to work on something new. They do not retreat to the safety of the office and say “tell me when you have it handled.”

Often explorers were scared as little kids and would run and hide under the covers when the first sound of thunder streamed through the air. They were in the shadow of the super achiever brother or sister and always felt less than.

However, once they reach adult status they take all that fear and turn it into a massive amount of courage. Is the fear still there? Sure. However, the explorer has learned to harness the fear and take that first fierce leap into the unknown.

If you were a “scardy cat” kid know that all you have to do is take the energy that was part of the fear and turn it inside out and… explore!