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Extraordinary Bosses and Extraordinary Work Cultures


Who are the employees who drive most bosses crazy? They are … ta da…. The rebels.

Rebels are those who always find something wrong at work and want to gather the troops to take their case to HR. And if HR does not respond, well, there is always a hungry lawyer lurking in the corners who is ready to go at it with a hostile work environment suit.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Some situations (think Enron) are really ugly and need special attention. However, most situations at work can be changed with a bit of discussion and some good will. Here is where an extraordinary boss takes the lead.

Extraordinary bosses are able to listen to the wants and needs of the community and move from what is to what is better. They create a groundswell of good intentions by letting employees voice their dissatisfaction and then help them take the bitter out and go for the better.

Let’s go back to the rebels at work. They often grew up in families where there was discrimination and they were the recipients (or their parents were) of unpleasant comments or rude and ugly reactions. As bosses or employees they are highly sensitive to subtle slurs and overt insults and rightfully do not want to tolerate intolerance.

Extraordinary bosses create a level playing field where more and more people feel included and want to be part of a new and creatively effective solution.

Rebels turned community builders make amazing things happen and change comes about because each individual is seen as UNIQUE and with a gift to add to the whole community.

People want to work in environments that make room for differences and applaud the gifts and talents that each brings into work with them.

Fighting for rather than fighting against is a sign of the extraordinary at work.

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