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Extraordinary Bosses and Extraordinary Insight

Extraordinary Bosses and Extraordinary Insight
Extraordinary Bosses and Extraordinary Insight

Did you ever have a boss who was or is a bully? Someone who always tells you what you are doing wrong and blaming you when the situation has some thorns around the roses that prick and draw blood?

These are not what I mean by extraordinary. They are, sadly, a dime a dozen. And these persecutor, bully bosses often have one thing in common. They grew up in families where they had way too much responsibility at very young ages.

These bosses learned to boss people around as kids. Often their parents were the children who could not keep a job, did not prepare meals for the kids, sat around and drank or smoked too much and left it to the children to run the household.

Usually one child in the family became the parent and told the others what to do to keep things running as smoothly as possible. They often protected the babyish parent/s and never complained. They just bossed everyone around.

Now, as a competent boss the behavior is so ingrained they keep doing the same thing. Except…. It will not work anymore.

Bully bosses that can change into visionary bosses are the ones we name extraordinary. Think of it this way: instead of poking their finger in your face they change the direction of that pointer finger toward the sky, that place where visionary leaders show a new way.

They know that so much more is possible, after all they kept the household running when they were mere kids. They can communicate what seems impossible in words that get everyone on board with a project. They learned how to change adversity into opportunity and they use that skill now in the service of business breakthroughs. Everyone who works with a persecutor /bully turned visionary knows that they have an extraordinary boss they can depend on to be there, through the thick and thin of new projects.