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Extraordinary Bosses and Extraordinary Employees

Extraordinary Bosses and Extraordinary Employees
Extraordinary Bosses and Extraordinary Employees

Bosses who really take their craft to the highest levels are those whose beliefs and actions scream out “EXTRAORDINARY” day after day after day.

It is one thing to believe in being a great boss, it is another to put those beliefs into action. During this week I will peel back the layers so each of you can get the belief/action sequence right and take it to work, every day.

In my award winning book “Don’t Bring It to Work: Breaking the Family Patterns that Limit Success” I show you how to transcend the limits of what you learned in your original organization, the family that invisibly goes to your present organization with you……. until you can see and hear how the childhood behaviors get in the way of success.

Think of it like this: there is a deep core of behaviors you learned about fairness, favoritism, back biting, betrayal, accountability, and acceptance when you were a kid. You learned how to respond when you were treated unfairly, when one of your siblings got all the attention, when you were yelled out for not doing your chores.

The behaviors from childhood still live inside you as an adult. And here is the key…. When stress hits the hot button we all tend to revert to the behaviors of childhood to get out of trouble and stay safe. This is done in milliseconds! We do not think and act in a mature manner, we simply react!

However, once you can observe your behavior you can take a deep breath and make a choice to respond more effectively. It takes a bit of practice and I promise you can turn your knee-jerk responses into something positive and extraordinary.

Let’s get started with the first behavior pattern that makes a difference:

Changing super achiever behavior to become a creative collaborator. Extraordinary bosses know that they are only as good as their team. They know that to take all the credit deflates the rest of the crew and individuals will hold back when all the credit goes to the big shot boss.

Often people who have gotten to the boss level grew up in homes where they were “the one.” They were the kid who got all the extra praise from parents and won both in the academic world as well as on the playing field. They learned to bask in the warmth of the praise and excel at everything.

However, now as a boss that won’t work, at least not in the long run. Extraordinary bosses are able to redefine that word they grew up loving, “success” so that it includes others. No longer are position, fame and awards the only thing that matters. Helping others grow and get awards and recognition are at the forefront of extraordinary boss lists.

It may take a minute to breath deep and let all the fame of childhood and adolescence take a back seat to the praise that will come from those you mentor and let the team know that group success is even better that purely individual accomplishment.

Now that is extraordinary!

Tomorrow will show you how to build communities that like to work and play together rather than complain.

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