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Extraordinary Boss as Truth Teller

Extraordinary Boss as Truth Teller
Extraordinary Boss as Truth Teller

Did you ever think it is better to tell just a little white lie rather than have someone be upset with you? We all have at one time or another.

Then there is the opposite extreme where the truth is told in anger with judgment, blame and attack. Not pretty!

What a gift to have a boss who is not afraid of the truth, who is willing to let you be uncomfortable for the sake of growth. What a relief to know exactly where you stand without feeling diminished for a mistake.

Telling the truth is an art form that we all have to learn. Often the best truth tellers are those who grew up being pleasers. You know, the folks who would always smile and say “yes” to everything so they would not make any waves and always be everyone’s friend.

Except all that smiling and pandering really does get old.

With a truth teller as a boss you are treated as an adult. You learn that you are strong and resourceful and you do not have to be protected.

Telling the truth is NOT spilling your guts! Being in the presence of an extraordinary boss who can say it like it is and still have you feel capable is a gift. When you find a boss like that, you don’t have to keep changing jobs. You have hit the goldmine.