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"Extract" A Surprisingly Funny Comedy

Extract, directed and written by Mike Judge, is surprisingly more humorous than expected. Using its lack of blockbuster success is not a true marker for how funny this film is. Judges applies his “Office Space” comedy to Extract, paralleling themes of boredom in the workplace and in life. Consistently throughout there are moments in the plot but specifically in the performances that leave audiences laughing.

Courtsey of 3 Arts Entertainment
3 Arts Entertainment

Extract is about a company that produces extract (random right?) owned and run by Joel Reynolds (Jason Bateman). Joel’s marriage to Suzie (Kristin Wiig) has no passion and this translates to his lack of enthusiasm for his company. Because of his disinterest in his work, Joel decides to sell his company and retire. Before the sale can go through a lawsuit involving an injured employee, Step (Cliffton Collins Jr.), must be settled. Con woman Cindy (Mila Kunis) attempts use her good looks and cunning to benefit her financial situation.

From its opening scene, audiences are shocked into laughter. Although it is not only Judge’s ability to jolt the audience into laughing it is also the loveable performance, although more of the same, from Jason Bateman. Ben Affleck is the true star of the film, reminding audiences he is still the same Ben Affleck seen in Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and Dazed and Confused. Kristin Wiig also has some great moments that show her transition from "Saturday Night Live" to the silver screen is no mistake.

The temptation to compare Office Space to Extract is strong, but this comparison will only leave audiences disappointed because the films do have paralleling themes and comedic style but it is unlikely that Extract will enter into pop culture the way Office Space did after its release. Still Extract is a fun comedy that won’t leave you disappointed.


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