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Extra Leaked Visitor's Guide From New "Jurassic World" Park

Leaked Visitors Guide

Thanks to a shady extra from Jurassic World, we, the fans, now get a glimpse at what the newest installation in the Jurassic Park franchise will look like.

According to PopWrapped, "The extra took photos of a 'Visitor's Guide' that was provided to everyone so that they may navigate the set more easily. This guide shows many areas of the park, the companies that have sponsored the park and, likely, the movie; as well a portion that could be construed as a spoiler."

I grew up with these movies and I couldn't be more excited about the new movie AND a park! These extras better watch their backs if they are going to keep spoiling it for the rest of us! Luckily, from what we are learning, the park is making the experience very real.

"The pamphlets truly look like something you would receive when you walked into any theme park. Complete with a map of Isla Nublar and a comprehensive guide as to what each area encompasses; the pamphlet is a handy tool for anyone anxiously awaiting details."

SPOILER! "On the third page of the guide it states that the Gyrosphere features an instructional video that stars none other than late-night superstar, Jimmy Fallon. It is likely safe to assume that he will cameo in the film. There is also a listing of the "Creatures of Jurassic" which offers insight as to which prehistoric friends will be featured. So, you know, look at your own risk and stuff.

Be sure and check out more photos of the leaked pamphlet here!

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