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Extra Exclusive Interview: Meet, Hirii The Human

OK, so it's been a while Roc City music fans! Forgive me, but I have been making every effort to uncover lesser know, extreme talent from the 585 and beyond! That being said, imagine my delight when I came across 15 year old rapper/ producer, HiriiTheHuman! Super talented and wise beyond his years, the future of music is finally here and I'm just excited to be a small part of it. On that note, without further ado I present to you: 10 questions with HiriiTheHuman!

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VL: 1. First things first, where’d how'd you get your name?

HTH: "That’s a question that I love answering ! My favorite show is Adventure Time and the main character of the show is Finn The Human and oddly enough I seem to be similar to Finn in many different ways, so that’s what lead me to adopting the “ The Human “ portion of my name... and my real name is Hiri so, I added another i as a reference to the whole 3rd eye, indigo-tribe movement because I've always been big on metaphysics and spirituality and it’s what I want people to associate me with."

VL: 2. Where were you born?

HTH: "If you ask me I was born in a distant galaxy, that’s why I’m so different but if you ask everyone who knows me they’ll say I’m from Rochester,NY so lets just go with that". (laughs)

VL: 3. You’re still super young, how long have you been in the music game?

HTH: "I've been rapping since I was 6 but I just started taking it serious and around this time last year. (That) is when I realized that I wanted rapping to be a career but as far as production, I produced my first track for a pretty popular artist named Angel Haze when I was only 12/13, which help me jump start my rap career as well."

VL: 4. Who are your favorite artists that you’ve worked with so far?

HTH: "Nia Keturah is by far my favorite artist , no disrespect to anyone else but she’s so talented and different . We naturally vibe together and she isn’t one of those artist to just hit you up for one beat and not even credit you , she shows love and the love she’s shown me on my journey is deeply appreciated."

VL: 5. Who would you most like to work with in the future?

HTH: "I want to work with The internet , Kali Uchis , FKA Twigss , Samii Hagos and Skate punk band Cerebral Ballzy. I feel like if I can get all of those acts on an album then I’ll feel so much more complete."

VL: 6. Can you speak on the difference between production and being an artist? Which do you prefer?

HTH: "In my opinion there is no difference. Everything is everything and requires the same amount of logic and dedication. I can’t even say which one I prefer the most because I have a (love)/ hate relationship with both... because it’s like the people who want to hear me rap , only want to hear me rap and don’t really care for my production and then the people who love my production don’t even care that I rap and only want “ Free “ beats which is a thing of the past for me." (chuckles)

VL: 7. Can you give me some insider information on your upcoming project?

HTH: "I produced every single track on the tape except for “cartoonwarwoundsss” which was produced by my hometown friend Tony Clef who is also featured on the album as well on one of my favorite tracks “ColorCodeZeroh”. Also, what a lot of people don’t know is the only tracks that have samples from other songs on my album are “ Bludream4myastralkween ,wtfareyoutalmbout and intergalacticjunglefever “ the rest of the tracks are my own melodies,drums and original ideas."

VL: 8. What are your hobbies outside of music?

HTH: "I’m definitely huge on meditation it’s more of a lifestyle but it can also be considered a hobby especially if you use it to get away from all the madness. I also like creative writing and of course poetry."

VL: 9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

HTH: "In 5 years I see myself on tour with all of my homies , meditating and medicating … partying , having fun and just experiencing all that life has to offer."

VL: 10. Anything to plug or promote?

HTH: "I want to shout out my homies from No Fair Ones , NBB, FOTO, Suburban Plaza , my chemical ape homies, hoa bossman, Inner City Kids, Nia Keturah, my bro $hawn Retro and Abgohard. They all make great music. Also expect me to release some merchandise soon "@HUMANxLiiiFE" t-shirts and pins for everyone!"

On behalf of, I would like to thank him for his time and energy in relation to this piece.

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