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Extinguishing Agents

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Extinguishing agents are designed to extinguish fire and keep it from spreading or growing larger.

Chemical foam has bubbles that are filled with carbon dioxide gas, and is not used by firefighters when they are involved in extinguishing a aircraft fire.

Mechanical foam extinguishes fires by flowing over the surface of the flammable surface, preventing vapors from mixing with oxygen.

Protein base foam are made from vegetable or animal proteins such as blood, fish scales, feather meal, horn meal, or hoofs.

Fetoprotein foam is a mixture of protein foam and fluorinated surfactants and is used in the protection of tank farms and petroleum processing facilities.

Aqueous film forming foam or what is know as AFFF by firefighters is the foam of choice when combating flammable liquid fires,Vaporizing liquids, or halogenated hydrocarbon extinguishing agents create a vapor that extinguishes hydrocarbon fires.

Chlorofluoromethane ( Halon 1301 ), chlorofluoromethane ( Halon 1211 ), are both used on aircraft for extinguishing internal fires and engine fires.

Extinguishing agents are made different ways and some can be used for mutable purposes and some are designed for a specific purpose for extinguishing a specific type fire.