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Extinction of Public Libraries

Who goes to the library anymore? We can get all the information we want online, anytime, anywhere. This day, going to the library is a bit "old school" and it seems that less and less people go there to get books. Now, libraries have tons of activities for kids and adults that actually don’t involve any reading materials.

If you have hobbies like knitting, crocheting, there is a club for you in the library. Care to watch a black and white movie from the 20's? There's one in a library. But guess what? They still have book clubs! This might be the only hobby that belongs in a library. Isn’t it a place for reading? Researching? Not making scarves and watching movies! One must wonder, what is going to happen to all these buildings in 20 years? Will they turn into museums where books will be held behind glass cases as to not ruin the pages?

There are still people, probably a generation that's in their mid thirties and older, that feels nostalgic towards books. The smell of paper, the feel of pages turning, the weight of the book. But even though they might feel sentimental, they own at least one electronic device with a book or magazine downloaded for reading.

In order to get some historical background on the first library, it was a matter of seconds to find out how the first library was created by using the internet. It was Benjamin Franklin who came up with the idea that books should be shared, especially in the 1730's when only the wealthy and clergy had access to books. So, of course, for over 200 years, libraries played an important role in our lives. They were the source of information, entertainment, and research. These days though, you get all that and so much more with just a click of a button.

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