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External hard drive support could be coming to Xbox One soon

External Hard-Drive Support for Xbox One
External Hard-Drive Support for Xbox One
Anonymous Source - Reddit

The Xbox One might not have enjoyed the best of starts since its launch in November 2013, but features that consumers expected to be ready at launch are finally making their way to the next-gen console. According to a report that was released on May 18th 2014, the ability to use an external hard-drive with the console is right around the corner.

According to Microsoft product director, Albert Penello , external hard-drive support is coming soon, and a leaked image from an anonymous source from within Microsoft seems to back this up. The image that shows an external device being used was posted to popular website, Reddit yesterday, and it gives a clear indication that this feature will be coming to the console very soon. The Xbox One was originally shipped with a 500GB hard-drive, and many believed that this would be sufficient storage space, but soon after launch many users discovered that the 500GB limit was soon being used up by massive updates, and very large game downloads.

Microsoft's new console has had a rocky start to life. The Xbox One was mocked after it's initial launch announcement during E3 2013 thanks to its requirement to have an always-on internet connection. Microsoft later changed this so that the console would not always need to be online, but the damage was already done. Just last week there were more headlines from Microsoft after they announced that the bundled Kinect peripheral would not be shipped with the console starting in June 2014, due to customer demand that it be removed. These two things coupled with the fact that the Xbox One is missing some of the most basic functions from the Xbox 360 (such as being able to use a external hard-drive, and fully integrated party chat support) has hurt the Redmond, WA based company and the Xbox brand.

Sales figures show the damage that has been done to the Xbox Brand so far, as for the sixth straight month, the Sony PlayStation 4 has out-sold the Xbox One by 3-1, with the Xbox One only shipping 115,000 units in North America during the month of April. Only time will tell if the Xbox team at Microsoft will be able to turn things around, but if they keep on releasing updates that bring back the much needed missing functionality to the device, the console war will surely pick-up once again.