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Extensive 'True Blood' season 5 trailer

Tonight HBO previewed their latest extensive True Blood season 5 trailer. Like they say, Waiting Sucks! It looks like this will be an action-packed season with plot twists and plenty of storylines for the characters.

Eric and Bill

Russell Edgington is back and he doesn't look too happy about being buried alive (dead?) in cement. He's going to be out for a vengeance against those who did it to him. Eric and Bill should just leave Bon Temps, get a stamp in their passports, and leave the country!

Lafayette will have to cope with the death of his boyfriend, the lovely 'brujo' Jesus. Plenty of fans are still reeling from the shock of Jesus' character being killed off, by Lafayette no less. However, will we see the occasional return of Jesus since Lafayette is a medium?

Is Tara going to survive the (what looked to be fatal) gunshot wound from Debbie Pelt? Steve Newlin returns to Jason as a vampire. Will a romance flare up between Alcide and Sookie? And of course, someone is after Sookie. Big shocker there.

June 10th can't come soon enough for Trubies. Waiting does indeed Suck. You can watch the latest trailer by clicking on the video link to the left on the sidebar.


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