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Extensive Emilie Autumn Asylum Experience Coverage Coming Soon!

Today was the last day of the most exciting performance at only five stops on this year's Warped Tour. For those that have been avidly reading every article published here, you are aware that this event was the Asylum Experience.

These are five different photos that were taken by Darren Lynn Bousman (director of Emilie Autumn's recent music video for "Fight Like a Girl, and the well-known rock opera "Repo:The Genetic Opera)
Captured and owned by Darren Lynn Bousman

From the few videos and photos that have been posted on many social media sites already, it is evident that this event was a very prodigious, very energetic endeavor. Our thanks goes out to all the volunteers- the performers, the carpenters, set designers- that laboriously worked on this project, not for profit, but rather for the passion of creating something as electrifying and unforgettable as Emilie Autumn's Asylum Eperience.

To Melissa King, Veronica Varlow, Captain Maggots, Marc Senter, Darren Lynn Bousman, and other noteworthy supporters of Emilie Autumn's asylum pipe dream, you have allowed the second or third historic piece of this entire asylum musical project to become a very tangible reality that Plague Rats in five different cities or even a random passerbyer at this event were allowed to experience anywhere from a few seconds to several engrossing hours.

As evidenced by the very brilliant, gut-wrenching performance video of "What Will I Remember?" posted above, it is clear that this performance garnered the attention of those that were formerly unaware of Emilie Autumn. Yet after witnessing the verve of her performance, they could not help but look towards her asylum cage, standing vulnerably out in the middle of the open area of the Warped Tour grounds in Meza, Arizona.

For just a fraction of a second, they were given a small peak into Emilie Autumn's visceral world of the "Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls." Fleetingly, they shared in the emotional experience of Emily with a "y," and saw things from her grim perspective of the terrible plight of both her and all the other female inmates of this fictional asylum, brought to life by Emilie Autumn, Veronica Varlow, Captain Maggots, and all the other actors and actresses that believed partly in the fact that this performance may give Emilie Autumn's asylum some semblance of reality, even for only five limited performances in five different cities.

With this momentous string of performances, Emilie Autumn is even closer to reaching her dream to perform this story for a larger audience in a theater in West End, London or Broadway. Can we help make her dreams come true?

If you attended any of the Asylum Experience performances, your general impressions, detailed recollections, pictures, videos, etc. are very much in demand. Please consider sending these things to narniafanatic(at)gmail(dot)com, and they might very well be published in upcoming articles geared towards trying to describe the performance to all the Plague Rats, who were unable to attend the Asylum Experience for a myriad number of reasons.

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