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Extending Thyroid Awareness Month

Extending thyroid awareness month, thyroid patients getting involved: being the change they want
Extending thyroid awareness month, thyroid patients getting involved: being the change they want, Fritz Willis

January begins Thyroid Awareness Month. Renowned thyroid patient advocate, Mary Shomon kicked it off with the re-launch of and a stunning article on about the Top 10 Thyroid Stories of the Decade and how far thyroid awareness has come. Dear Thyroid launched a giveaway, free Invisible No More Thyroid bracelets and asked a myriad of questions throughout the month related to awareness; what goals we want to achieve via awareness.

If thyroid patients are going to garner the attention they so rightfully deserve, the responsibility lies with patients to be the change they so rightfully deserve.

In an ongoing effort to keep thyroid awareness going, we have to ask ourselves what we want:

  1. Ongoing education for doctors to look for the signs and order the proper blood tests for testing thyroid function, including ultrasounds and nuclear scans.
  2. Funding for education about what the thyroid is and how deadly it can be
  3. Funding for education to change public perception of thyroid disease
  4. Funding for a cure for autoimmune thyroid diseases and thyroid cancers
  5. Financial assistance for thyroid patients with and without medical insurance
  6. Funding for community outreach; online and offline support for thyroid patients and their families

What can you do?

  1. Join The Save Natural Thyroid Coalition
  2. Join Dear Thyroid Forums, Facebook and community, Wear My Disease On My Sleeve™, order a thyroid awareness bracelet, they are free, community outreach and blogger outreach
  3. Volunteer your time to your favorite thyroid organizations and find out what you can do to spread awareness to obtain what we want.
  4. Start a local offline thyroid support group
  5. Host a local meet-up and add your location here for offline support

Dear Thyroid, along with other celebrated organizations is partnering in 2010 to deploy aggressive campaigns geared towards awareness. Thyroid patients will be invited to participate and be involved on a much deeper level. 

Reach out, connect with other patients, connect with families and friends, and send your ideas to thyroid organizations you support and are members of; get involved. Start thinking about ways that we can spread awareness and lobby to change the current ‘status quo’, so thyroid patients can procure the funding, support and education they need to improve their quality of life. Together we can change the face of thyroid diseases and cancers.


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