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Extended Stay Hotels & Suites - Burlington, VT accomodates long-term visitors for work or play

Start your day with the appetizing more-than-continental breakfast.
Start your day with the appetizing more-than-continental breakfast.


  • Patty Davis 6 years ago

    Great capture of the lightning strike! I never have that kind of luck.

  • Jodie J 5 years ago

    Agree that extended stay places have increased and are doing well. They really have more room to move.

  • Profile picture of Brooke Dunbar
    Brooke Dunbar 5 years ago

    The picture is gorgeous... makes me want to go there.

  • Gail Hunter 5 years ago

    Flash to May, 2011 - Just received a humorous e-mail from a friend as old as I. Guess what? It is a streaming cartoon about the joys of living in one of these hotels on a permanent basis: all the freebies, housekeeping, transportation around town, pool, to name a few. Versus an Independent Living place - you're dollars ahead. And you're free to move anytime you want.

    Drawback? Establishing enduring friendships. Great for meeting new people all the time, but a little short on the friends you can just call for a quick trip to the movies or a game of cards. And check out the stuffed furniture. Our experience taught us that long-term use of hotel sofas with springs can begin to bother the butt. We ended up bringing in folding camp chairs. But, if we were going to stay "forever", they might have let us switch sofas. The king bed was great!

    We seriously considered it at the time, but a space came up in the "home" we had chosen. It was not the right place for us, so we are now in Groton, CT - trying another lifestyle.

    What do we really want to do? Rent a permanent suite on a cruise ship! It has all the amenities, including doctor and sick bay. My old friend and mentor Gladys didn't say I had gypsy feet for nothing!

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