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Extend your life by five years

Add five years to your life by taking care of your bones.
Add five years to your life by taking care of your bones.

Bone density issues are common as we age and affect both men and women in roughly equal numbers. Various methodologies are used to prevent, treat, and reverse osteoporosis, but one treatment is proving itself to be highly exceptional.

Australian researchers found that patients taking bisphosphonates not only improved their bone health, but gained an additional five years of life.

In order to confirm their findings the researchers compared the group taking bisphosphonates to other similarly health conscious groups who were using only Vitamin D or HRT. The results were astounding.

One of the researchers is quoted as saying:

"In a group of women with osteoporotic fractures over the age of 75, you would expect 50% to die over a period of five years. Among women in that age group who took bisphosphonates, the death rate dropped to 10%.

Very few men or women receive proper treatment for osteoporosis as the mechanisms of the disease aren't fully understood or recognized and unfortunately, they are at risk for an early, unecessary death.


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