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Extend the growing season in Green Bay

Prep your garden for the spring season
Prep your garden for the spring season
Getty Images/Matthew Monteith

Since Green Bay has such a short growing season many gardeners start early. Indoors that is. In many of their homes indoor greenhouses of various types will be found. Everything from elaborate greenhouses that can be ordered from gardening catalogs to the home made style. Below is simple way of starting a garden indoors before it is time to garden outdoors. Most of the items you already have in your home.

Containers/flats...These can be empty containers that are to go out for the recycling. But before you use them they need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with bleach and water.

The potting mix...Seeds germinate best in a soil-less mix not in garden soil. Also the potting soil should not be for outdoors or have fertilizer in it.

  • The seeds

  • Labels/markers

  • Water and a good light source.

To start with loosen and dampen the soil mixture. This is so ensure uniform moisture for the seed. It should be wet but not dripping, no dry spots. Fill the container with the predampened soil until it 2/3 full don't pack it down. Then plant the seeds make sure of any special planting instructions like freezing or soaking. Then water again after which cover the containers with plastic wrap. Move the whole thing to where the temperature reaches 65 to 70 degrees like on top of your refrigerator.

This is how many gardeners in the Green Bay area extend the growing season. Since if they are lucky the growing season is from May to September. That is not all that long. But by starting indoors the season is extended at least three more months.


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