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Extend Breath and Poses With Kemetic Yoga

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Most people agree that yoga originated in India, but the ancient Egyptians a.k.a. the Kemetic people left behind artwork portraying figures in yoga poses. Artifacts also reveal symbols representing yoga concepts. The Kemetic style of yoga focuses on breath control and meditation. Poses are extended; for example tree pose would begin with the hands centered. Then the hands would raise above the head, forming branches.

A typical Kemetic yoga class begins with deep, cleansing breaths. This meditation is followed by Mummy Pose, enabling complete relaxation. Twists are especially favored in this type of practice, as well as back and forward bends.

Structured poses aren't favored in this type of yoga. It's more about controlling the breath cycle. The poses are mainly used to align the skeletal system. By correcting imbalances, immunity and circulation are improved.

The Pose of Immortality can be achieved by sitting on the knees. Raise the right knee and place the foot on the ground. Place the right elbow on the right inner thigh. On the exhale, twist the trunk the left, pushing the elbow against the thigh. Hands should be in prayer before extending the arms. The hands then become loose fists. On the inhale, rotate the head to the center. Exhale and move it to the left while repeating on the other side.

However, there is no reason to be intimidated. Kemetic yoga poses can be as simple as sitting in Lotus Pose with a smile on the face. Posture and breath are probably the most crucial elements to this practice.