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Expression; the soul's freedom

Our soul longs to be free to express.
Our soul longs to be free to express.
Lucia Sweetland

Depression happens when our soul isn't allowed to express. It’s important that we don’t try to justify negative emotions; however letting them flow is the way to clean out the negativity. Negative emotions are based on wrong beliefs, because God is all positive. So when we suppress negative emotions, we don’t ever get to resolve the wrong belief, and in that way, we don’t ever resolve the negativity – it just keeps festering inside of us, like a volcano ready to erupt at any time.

That’s what happens when we are triggered – our inner volcano of unresolved, suppressed negative emotions erupts in unhealthy expression, which is an acting out of the negative emotion, such as in screaming at someone or getting stuck in a crying jag. Healthy expression is just acknowledging and sharing how we feel.

Positive emotions are natural and Godly, such as joy, happiness, peacefulness, enthusiasm, and gratitude. These are a natural part of our being because they come from being one with God, or just naturally who we are. Negative emotions are colored with the belief in separation from God: we are angry because we believe that God does not love us, we are sad because we believe we are not good enough, we are afraid because we think that God has abandoned us.

If we look at it correctly, as in anything negative is not the truth, being that God is all and only positive - God is Love and God is our reality, then we turn the beliefs around and take responsibility for our attitude toward life, or rather our soul. We are angry because we don’t love our soul, we are sad because we believe that our soul is not good enough, we are afraid because we have abandoned our soul. Or if we have repressed all these emotions, we are depressed because we will not let our soul be.

If we decide to let God help us out of our predicament, God will show us our wrong beliefs and help us to correct them so that the flow of emotion coming through us is positive as God’s energy naturally is before it is tainted by negative belief. This is why it is important not to justify our negative emotions, because then our wrong beliefs do not get corrected. It is like saying we are right in our negativity when that is not the truth at all. Self-justification is what is behind self-pity, and self-pity keeps us stuck in negativity forever, as long as we entertain it.

Some people would rather self-justify than be “wrong”. But "we" are never “wrong”, just our beliefs, which means that we are simply mistaken, which is a temporary condition of learning that can easily be overcome and moved through, in God’s world of Love. After all, mistakes are part of learning and growing, and learning and growing is what we are made for.

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