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Express yourself: Celebrate National Handwriting Day

One of the original ways one used to express themselves was with the act of putting pan and ink on paper. Pens as we refer to them today were once quills and then fountain pens dipped into ink wells. Eventually writing instruments improved and the art of calligraphy was born.

National Handwriting Day!

Eventually as time passed technology took over and has almost virtually wiped out the hand written notes, letters and reports. Everything seems too much easier and quicker when sent via text message, email or a post or thread on a website.

John Hancock signed the “Declaration of Independence”; he was actually the first to write his name upon this important document in American history. It is in his name that this holiday is celebrated. “National Handwriting Day” is celebrated each year on January 23, the day John Hancock was born.

National Handwriting Day” was founded in 1977 by the “Writing Instruments Association” (WIMA) so that the public could send handwritten notes to another with high quality writing instruments. This company wanted to send a message to everyone to re-explore the ease, purity, power and personable touch handwriting has when a message is received by another.

Put aside the computer and phone and pick up a pen and paper and write to a special someone in your life. Show off your penmanship and all those hours and years you practiced in school from the lessons your teachers stood by your side and helped you learn how to write.

Love letters, think of you cards, thank you cards, notes in a lunch box and birthday cards to name a few always receive a smile when they are handwritten or contain a note in your handwriting.

A handwritten word expresses individualism – celebrate “National handwriting Day” and write something!

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