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Express yourself at b2 Miami Downtown Hotel

b2 Miam Downtown
b2 Miam Downtown

Luxury, affordability and Miami generally don’t belong in the same sentence when the topic turns to South Florida hotels. But here’s an exception: b2 Miami Downtown. Located on bustling Biscayne Blvd. in the heart of Miami, the 243-room hotel delivers exactly what B Hotel Group promises. That is, a quality product with excellent service and amenities at good prices.

b2 Miami is a great headquarters hotel for all things Miami. It’s a Lebron James three-point jumper away from American Airlines Arena, across the street from the Bayside Marketplace and less than 20 minutes from South Beach. Each of the guestrooms has a city or bay view.

b2 Miami, which opened in June 2013, currently is B Hotel Group’s only South Florida property. The company earlier this year sold its B Ocean hotel in Fort Lauderdale to Sonesta Hotels. The B Resort & Spa recently opened at Walt Disney World in Orlando and the B Escape & Marina is scheduled to open next year in Marathon Key.

b2 Miami is an urban hotel without being “too’’ urban; and it’s Miami chic without being over the top like many of its higher-priced South Beach competitors.

“B Hotels and Resorts wants to take the lifestyle hospitality approach of the industry to the next level by allowing the guests to be in the driver’s seat,’’ said b2 Miami General Manager Sig Varela. “Miami has a plethora of lifestyle hospitality options. We want to deliver the lifestyle hospitality mix that people expect from a larger brand, but do it at a reasonable value.

“A lot of hotels like this – clean, chic and fresh – people expect to spend $500 or $600 per night in the high season and maybe $300 in the low season,’’ Varela said. “In season, we’re around $250 to $300 and off season we’re around $149.

For Varela and b2 Miami, it’s not only about price, but also about guests’ self-expression.

“Our goal is for each guest to be able to participate, bot just be a recipient,’’ Varela said.

A good example is the hotel’s Spa Suite, part of the hotel’s “B Indulged’’ experience. Guests book the time and then the treatment or treatments. That is, a guest who books the Spa Suite say, for two hours, chooses the treatments he or she desires within he allotted time period. Prices range from $95 per person for 60 minutes to $170 per person for two hours.

“We’re giving you the ability to create your own experience,’’ Varela said. “You can get a hot stone massage for 30 minutes and then a deep tissue massage for 30 minutes. It’s all one price. It’s the time we’re offering you.’’

b2 Miami’s “B Nourished’’ is a favorite experience for guests and locals. The Biscayne Tavern, on the hotel’s ground floor on the Biscayne Blvd. side, is a terrific eatery, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a nice variety of craft beer.

The dinner menu, in particular, is outstanding, particularly the Smoked Brisket and onion rings and the spicy Baby Back Ribs with “Miami Heat’’ sauce.

It’s tough find good barbeque in Miami, but Biscayne Tavern has accomplished that feat, just as b2 Miami has accomplished the feat of affordable luxury.

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