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Exposing the biased and erroneous play by play of Jim Lampley

Jim Lampley biased towards Manny Pacquiao
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

As fight week has officially begun for Pacquiao-Bradley 2, its hard not to wonder will the people at home, watching the fight on HBO PPV, get an unbiased and correct call of the play by play action from Jim Lampley, the lead commentator.

When it comes to Manny Pacquiao, it is clear that Lampley is extremely biased towards the Filipino boxing great. As great as Pacquiao is, however, the calling of his fights should be objective and fair.

This is often not the case, and none more evident than Pacquiao's first fight with Timothy Bradley. Now, it is entirely understandable, watching a live fight, there is some gray area where mistakes can be made. But, when serious gaffes are made, such as 58 seconds into round number two, Pacquiao is clearly holding and clamping Bradley's left arm as Bradley lands some body shots with the right.

When the referee breaks the action, Lampley says it was Bradley that was holding. Given a few seconds to correct himself, he doesn't, and repeats the sentiment that Bradley was holding and hitting as the crowd boos.

There are several other instances where Pacquiao is either landing nothing or not landing cleanly, and Lampley is acting as if Pacquiao is landing thunderous shots.

At the 10 second mark of round three, Pacquiao throws a flurry of punches, none of which hits Bradley. Lampley goes on to say the way Bradley stuck out his tongue, you can tell he is bothering Bradley with his left hand.

The only time Lampley corrected any of his mistakes while calling this fight, were instances where he made a mistake regarding Pacquiao. One correction came as Lampley mispronounced Tagalog, the language Buboy Fernandez was speaking in Pacquiao's corner.

There was another mistake where Lampley corrected himself when he said Bradley landed more shots than Pacquiao. Other than that, Lampley made several other mistakes that went uncorrected.

Don't believe this article, if you have HBO on demand, go back and watch the fight for yourself. Or, you can watch this Lampley biased video to see slowed down clips of the fight.

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