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Exposing Stars in Shorts: Frameline Has Quite the Mix of Short Films

"Heklina" is part of "Local Legends" June 24.
"Heklina" is part of "Local Legends" June 24.

There are short films aplenty at this year’s Frameline Film Festival, which starts tomorrow and runs through June 29.

mr Pam keeps her mouth busy in the porn industry.

Sadly, most of them were not available to prescreen, but I bet if you google some of them, you might be able to find some online.

This is in no away exhaustive – I am just noting some that seem to stand out.

I did see one of them though – the Oscar nominated “Facing Fear” which deals with a man who is gay bashed only to discover years later that he is working with his assailant. I had to good fortune to learn more about the film when I talked to director Jason Cohen earlier this year. (See link below.)

Other shorts I haven’t seen but caught my interest:

Heklina” about the goddess of drag and manages to tell all of her trials growing up in a short period of time.

Wham Bam mr Pam” about the Naked Sword filmmaker who is as sweet as punch while she talks to you about fisting and man-on-man action in her films with a plot.

Dragula” – who wouldn’t love this title especially when it stars Barry Bostwick, from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” fame.

A Last Farewell” is from one of my favorite gay directors Casper Andreas but the story of aging and grief is a little heavier than his sexy New York stories.

Butterfly” manages to cram a story of transgender lovers with Aspersers into just 13 minutes.

Sticks & Stones” strolls down memory lane with transgender star Bambi Lake.

Mum” looks to be a heartfelt tale with few words of a deaf swimmer wondering if his crush would like him even though he’s deaf.

The Other Woman” features a lesbian of color from Senegal who faces unforeseen risks as she pursues love.

There are MANY more short films that are put together in clever collections – From “Boys in Shorts” to “Local Legends” to “Worldly Affairs.” Check out all of the options at

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