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Exposing lies and follies of Obamacare, New Democrats, and Barack Obama

Obama in meeting with Sebelius
Obama in meeting with Sebelius
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

"If the people are capable of understanding, seeing and feeling the differences between true and false, right and wrong, virtue and vice, to what better principle can the friends of mankind apply than to the sense of this difference?" --John Adams, the Novanglus, 1775

Lies are so much easier to believe than truth. Believing lies takes no effort in exercising one’s mind, summing up, or considering common sense. Truth requires educating one’s self, exertion of intellect, reasoning, and relaxation of one’s emotional filters to allow absorption of the truth. Obama and his band of collectivists lie with impunity because they understand these simple truths held by communists, Marxists, liberals, progressives, and all other tyrants.

Conservatives have opined for years that the greatest threat to this country is the big-government menace in Washington, D.C. Similarly, with distressful developments caused by the Obama administration and New Democratic Party; three out of four Americans now agree.

Government is the single deadliest infection running through the bloodstream of American liberty and our Republic, and indeed, the lives of Americans. The Marxist plague, AKA Obamacare, left unchecked and untreated will undoubtedly kill hundreds of thousands or even millions of Americans over the next few decades.

Peddled to the country as a cure-all drug for everyones’ well-being, meant to induce euphoria to a healthcare-less nation, no such results were ever observed. Rather, the nation is suffering through an unmitigated disaster since Obama’s version of healthcare passed. The most extreme elements of leftwing American society designed this collectivist piece of tyrannical legislation. The New Democratic Party at the behest of Community Organizer Barack Obama enacted it as yet another ploy for income redistribution and increasing government’s stranglehold on the American people.

As predicted by most sane and rational people, this Marxist and communist inspired accomplishment is falling apart - or more appropriately, imploding. It’s showing all the distress one would expect of legislation forced upon an unwilling electorate by Barack Obama and his band of leftist thugs and collectivists.

Not one Republican lawmaker supported the misnamed Affordable Healthcare Act, and now nearly every Democrat seeking reelection is digging a political hole, crawling in and pulling their lying, self-serving, disreputable scheme in on top of them. They planned on using the same deceit, lies, and chicanery they used when passing their vile legislation until the November elections. However, it too quickly fell into an untenable, indefensible disaster, and they had to rebuke their own evil Marxist offspring.

Democrats were the battering ram Obama used to break through the barrier of an unwilling American electorate. They were hot to trot out their ill-fated enactment, walking hand-and-hand with the giddy, mentally watered down, Nancy Pelosi waving her symbolical mammoth gavel menacingly at America. A Damocles sword held over the American people by dozens of hair-thin lies and shop-worn platitudes by Barack Obama would have been more emblematic of this most hated legislation.

Now, watching Democrats run from their proudest achievement like their feet are on fire is akin to watching a Keystone Kop's comedy in fast reverse. Democrats are even distancing themselves from the name “Obamacare.” Although Obama derived great pride in the pre-implosion moniker of his legislation, it’s now a verboten, poisonous term in the Democratic Party’s leftist-lexicon. Absurdly, in these perilous times they speak only of “the Affordable Care Act.” These few lighthearted moments, however, are the only comedic part of Obama’s namesake.

Everything else about this leftist plan is not only perilous, but deadly. Hospitals, doctors, and clinics running from this healthcare disaster, and the government leaving critically ill patients without life-saving treatment, is fatal. These unfortunate Americans will be the first casualties of Barack Obama and his Party’s war on America. The nation will soon witness the initial deaths brought on America by their deception and fraud of an out-of-control group of politicians hell-bent on doing anything to put money in their pockets and add power to their offices.

Additionally, another sure secondary development will result in massive American deaths. Since the best doctors and hospitals refuse to accept patients insured by the new healthcare act and Medicaid, people not critically ill now could also die. Keep in mind that Congress ripped three-quarters of a trillion dollars from Medicare and cut this program to the bare bones. Therefore, bureaucrats and politicians will likely attempt to merge or morph Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare into one enormous, ill-conceived, and diabolical plot to force all healthcare providers into accepting these three plans as one. Thus, to remain in the business of healing the sick, they must agree to all governmental rules, regulations, and payment schedules.

Sadly, the worst parts of the healthcare act are yet uncovered and reported by media. As Pelosi said, we had to pass it to find out what’s in it. We are witnessing but a few of the “unpleasantries” alluded to by this leftist Democratic Party demoness.

Think about the following:

  • When businesses discover the costs and regulations of Obamacare on their bottom-line in maintaining health insurance coverage for their employees, millions of Americans will undoubtedly find themselves dropped from their plans, and government’s boat will take on more water.
  • By dropping more and more people to part-time status, businesses will increasingly place employees on the exchanges. This will soon be followed by elimination altogether of company-paid health insurance.
  • Another catastrophe awaiting unsuspecting taxpayers is the inevitability that insurance companies receive taxpayer bailouts. Obama will, of course, blame the failure of his Marxist ploy on these companies and tell us he is only looking out for us when he steals more from working Americans to support his collectivist, redistributionist ideology.
  • Individual states that fell for Obama’s temporary cash for the long-term Medicaid-expansion clunker program will leave state taxpayers in massive debt for untold decades. Most enrollees

are receiving taxpayer subsidies, and few are signing up to pay the bills.

  • However, if it survives past the fall election and Democrats maintain control of the Senate, appointed death panels will begin their carnage in earnest. Chosen by the government to save government money, they will not concern themselves with American lives. They will make decisions based on allocation of limited resources, limited medical personnel, and limited hospitals and clinics. Their decisions, very simply, will determine who lives and who dies; thus aptly named, “death panels.”
  • Obama’s folly promised a decrease in the use of expensive emergency-room care. In fact, emergency-room healthcare will increase. Many primary care physicians are no longer permitted to attend patients admitted to hospitals, and these patients must go to emergency rooms for admittance to a hospital by their PCP. Then, a “hospitalist” not the primary physician supervises the patient’s care. These medical specialists’ primary jobs are saving government money and protecting the interests of the hospitals; not caring for patients of whom they have no medical or personal knowledge.
  • Before Congress enacted this killing program, most of these potential enrollees were already insured. Many of those losing their plans last year and in the future can attribute the Democrats’ new law for their loss. Additionally, numerous people not wanting on government assistance are being intentionally guided or tricked into signing up for unwanted and inferior Medicaid plans.
  • The signup website has been repeatedly declared unsafe to the point that technicians who worked on this monstrosity testified repeatedly they would not trust their personal data to the site. Known incompetents and Obama's friends from Canada received a scandalous amount of taxpayer money to build the low tech and embarrassingly dysfunctional website. The vulnerability for personal information theft intensified when Democrats blocked legislation that would require government to notify people if their data became compromised. Repeating their proclivity for total ineptitude, Obama’s stooges just hired, without the benefit of bids, a new nefarious company to continue the wonderful works of the Canadian deadheads.
  • Government refuses to release numbers on how many have signed up and paid for coverage.
  • Businesses are reducing hours and manpower. Obama obviously loves the idea of more people feeding at the government trough.

This unaffordable healthcare act was never about improving healthcare; it was always about control over the populace and redistribution of wealth and income. Self-determination, freedom of thought, and controlling one’s own welfare are enemies of the state.

Consider for a moment a couple paying for their healthcare as they go, or paying for an insurance plan with coverage that suits their needs. The new healthcare plan demands their old plan be terminated or that it’s not okay for them to pay for their own healthcare or their own non-Obamacare approved insurance. Government, through the IRS, then charges them a huge tax for being self-sufficient and taking care of themselves. Their only other choice is to purchase an insurance policy that doesn’t meet their needs at a much higher price than their old one, with prohibitive deductibles and co pays.

Congress placed the Internal Revenue Service in command of enforcement and gave Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius the responsibility of writing and implementing rules. These guaranteed incompetence, more anti-American laws, and complete and total adherence to Obama’s Marxist ideology; in other words, politicians guaranteed tyranny would reign, and we would continue on the road to financial Armageddon.

Blatant lies by Obama and the Democrats began before they passed this federal poison. They continue today, and will continue as long as the government needs to deceive people into believing the biggest lies ever told. Carving out political contributors for special favors and exemptions of any kind are, likewise, illegal. More lies and illegalities follow:

  • If you like your plan, if you like your doctor, if you like your hospital, you can keep them; period.
  • Obamacare would be affordable. Would reduce premiums by $2500 per year per family. According to Forbes we can expect an increase of $7,450 per family of four.
  • Reporting 4 million enrolled in Medicaid because of Obamacare when only 380,000 people enrolled.
  • Illegal changes by Obama and Sebelius that bypass Congress.
  • Obama claims on Twitter that 6 million got coverage.
  • Dozens of illegal exemptions for unions, Obama cronies, and Congressional favorites.
  • Obama’s personal assurances that illegal aliens would not be covered.
  • People and groups with religious objections would not be forced to provide reproductive services.
  • Obama’s personal assurances that abortion would not be covered.

Will this Democratic debacle become the single-payer healthcare plan Obama said was his ultimate goal? One thing is certain, Barack Obama and the New Democratic Party are taking the best healthcare plan in the world and turning it into a third world system where government will decide not only winners and losers, but who will live and who will die.

In other words, they’re reducing the best health care system in the history of the world to the lowest common denominator; which is what big government is always about and what it always accomplishes with its meddling, regulating, and totalitarianism. Democrats and Obama are chastising Republicans in the media for not cooperating and helping them murder more Americans via the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Barack Obama makes claims he is always looking out for the poor and middleclass. The truth is obvious; Obama, politicians, and the well-to-do will always have access to good healthcare. So the obvious victims of his healthcare plan will be mostly the poor and middleclass Obama persistently claims he is helping.

More liberalism? ... Anyone?

Jim Mullen

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