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Explosive found in airport carry-on bag: Man claims avalanche device

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An explosive found at an airport, looking an awful lot like a pipe bomb, was found in a passenger’s carry-on luggage. The Anchorage Airport police confiscated the explosive and took the man into custody, according to Fox News on Feb. 17.

The man, who was boarding the flight for the oil workers, claims it is an avalanche device and not an explosive he planned to use otherwise. The device had no trigger to it, so no one was in danger at any time, police reported.

The man was about to board a North Slope flight with the other oil workers when the discovery was made. Working up in avalanche country, the man could very well be telling the truth, but even in Alaska, things have to stay tight around security in today’s world.

The man, whose name is not released, was being interviewed by the FBI in this case. The explosive was found in the man’s carry-on luggage at a security checkpoint within the terminal. Airport authorities cleared a 300-foot radius around that security checkpoint once the explosive was found.

The explosive was scooped up by the bomb squad and whisked away.