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Explosions, sinkholes, trains derail, dieoffs, earthquakes: Earth wobble worse?

Explosions, sinkholes, trains derail, dieoffs, earthquakes all happening (more often than not) on the same day, within the same time frame. Is the earth wobble worsening? Without a doubt!

Volcanoes erupting. Evacuations.
Volcanoes erupting. Evacuations.
various sources
Explosions, sinkholes, trains derail, dieoffs, earthquakes
various sources

And, with each passing day, conditions on Earth continue to deteriorate. Crevasses yawn open, sinkholes do irreparable damage, landslides continue to roll incessantly, bridges and buildings tumble, loud booms and shaking are heard and felt all over the world, as are earthquake swarms, many of them in the New Madrid Seismic Zone. Refineries and pipelines are exploding regularly, along with buildings and houses. Birds are falling dead from the skies, and fish are dying off by the thousands, as whales beach themselves and die.

Apocalyptic to say the least, and it's getting worse every day.

If you haven't made plans and preparations yet for surviving the Pole Shift (as many of the so-called "elite" have so quietly done), it's probably a good time to do so. The finish line is in sight! Prepare as best you can for that thing the powers-that-be don't want you to know about - Planet X (Nibiru) pounding on Earth's door.

Proof of the earth wobble: This week, live on Channel 3 KCRA, puzzled commentators debated what they were seeing in the sky with their own eyes. (You can listen to them babble on the video.) It resembled the moon when they zoomed in on it, but it couldn't have been the moon because this is the "dark" of the moon - that is, it can't be seen in the sky now. The new moon is Thursday, Jan 30, when a only sliver of the moon will appear. Then what was it their cameras zoomed in on? Could it have been Venus in a place where it shouldn't have been? What could be big enough to shoved it into a into a position where it looked like the full moon with a big bite taken out of it?

Expect to hear about more of these incidents with each passing day. They are NOT isolated incidents. Perhaps this long, long list of catastrophic events in a 10-day period will help you to connect the dots and see the nearly finished picture. Planet X (Nibiru) is here and when it is leaves, life as we know it will also be gone.

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As you read through the list below, you'll see that few areas of the world, if any, are disaster free. The earth wobble is dramatically and exponentially worse. Catastrophic disasters are rapidly extinguishing our way of life - from Los Angeles to Alaska, from the Philippines to New Zealand, from Canada to China, from Wisconsin to the United Kingdom, and so on.

This is by no means a complete listing for the 10-day period:

Friday, Jan 17

  • (6:15 p.m.) In Los Angeles, California, a house blew up on the 13800 block of Cornuta Street in Bellflower. Two explosions were heard, and a fireball shot at least 50 feet in the air, followed by 30 ft. flames.
  • (9:30 p.m.) In Arcola, Texas, a house exploded and burned, leaving three people hospitalized.
  • In Kodiak, Alaska, at least five landslides triggered traffic delays, and on Alder Way, a steep, short road in a densely packed neighborhood, the hillside has become unstable. At least four of the landslides have deposited debris in the road near Women's Bay, and these landslides are ongoing.
  • In Connecticut, thousands of dead fish (striped bass) were found in Old Lyme lining Black Hall river bank and the marsh.

Saturday, Jan 18

  • (Night) In Detroit, Michigan, a sinkhole opened in the middle of one of the city's main streets. Originally about twice the size of a manhole cover, it now measures 14 ft. by 10 ft. and 14 ft. deep. A taxi drove into it before it could be blocked off.

Sunday, Jan 19

  • (11:31 p.m.) A pair of small, shallow earthquakes just east of Fairbanks, Alaska.
  • In Caledonia, Wisconsin, a 135-car Union Pacific freight train jumped the tracks and derailed spilling coal all over Five Mile Road in Caledonia. No problems were found when the track was inspected two days before (on Friday).
  • In Venezuela, tens of thousands of dead fish wash up along entire beach in Vargas.
  • (6:30 p.m.) In New Zealand, nearly 50 pilot whales re-stranded on Farewell Spit, Volunteers had been trying over the weekend to refloat the dozens of whales, but 71 whales were found on the beach, including eight dead, spread over 1.6 km.

Monday, Jan 20

  • Explosions ripped through two plants in US, killing four and injuring dozen: (Around 10 a.m.) In Omaha, Nebraska, an animal feed International Nutrition plant exploded, flattened part of building and at (4 p.m. local - 2200 GMT) in Madill, Oklahoma, a steel plant exploded at burning two workers to death.
  • (Early morning) In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a train from Chicago derailed leaving a tanker car and a boxcar leaning off the Schuylkill Arsenal Railroad Bridge where it crosses over the Schuylkill River.
  • In Maryland, the Burnside Bridge at Antietam National Battlefield partially collapsed.
  • (4:30 p.m.) A fire broke in the compound of Myanmar’s Defence Services (Navy) Recruiting Unit. A little while later, more than 10 barrels of aircraft oil exploded, flying high as 50 feet into the air. A day earlier, another fire broke out at a warehouse of Garrison Engineer No. 4.
  • (9 p.m.) In South Carolina, residents called 911 to report "loud booms" that rattled windows and caused dogs to bark, in the Chesnee and Mayo areas of Spartanburg County.
  • (3:52 p.m.) In New Zealand, a low rolling 6.3 earthquake sent the Hobbit Eagle sprawling to the floor at Wellington Airport (In all probability the quake's intensity was lowered by USGS, based on reports of violently rocking ground, boulders crashing down hillsides, badly shaken houses, falling chimneys, broken windows, and broken underground pipes.) Rumbling was intense. Dozens of aftershocks were felt, measuring between 4.3 and 2.1. Part of a hill broke off and a boulder the size of a caravan tumbled down.
  • (5:30 a.m.) In Texas, a 7,000 sq. ft. building in Las Colinas collapsed at four Seasons Resort and Club. The building was a brick and mortar structure with a Spanish style roof. About three-fourths of the structure collapsed.
  • (Around 8:40 p.m.) In the United Kingdom, a large portion of a building wall collapsed onto the pavement in Cullompton.

Tuesday, Jan 21

  • (10 a.m.) In Ontario, Canada, an explosion leveled a building at Pickering wastewater treatment plant 40 km east of Toronto – "just blocks away from the city’s nuclear power plant."
  • In the Philippines, a quake swarm rattled the central and southern regions.
  • In Indonesia, Mt. Sinabung volcano erupted in North Sumatra province.

Wednesday, Jan 22

  • In Cebu, Philippines, huge cracks opened in the ground and a landslide dislodged houses. About 259 residents evacuated.
  • In the Philippines, a fish kill occurred in Taal Lake in Batangas province. An estimated 120 metric tons of fish were found dead.
  • In Orange County, Florida, deputies found a sinkhole (20 ft. wide and 5 ft. deep) in the road at an intersection.
  • In Wales, UK, a cliff landslide gave way and crashed down onto a Welsh beach. Tons of rocks fell onto Rhossili Beach in Gower, Swansea. A significant section (some 200 feet long by 40 to 50 feet high) collapsed and continues to crumble.
  • (6:20 a.m.) Also in the UK, three landslides caused train delays and cancellations between Swanley and Chatham. The first landslide happened about 6.20 am. A second landslide occurred just before noon, and a third just after 4:00.
  • (5:30 a.m./1130 GMT) In New Albany, Mississippi, several loud booms were heard by residents when a bio-diesel plant exploded. The explosions were heard, seen, and felt for miles. Black, boiling smoke and flames shot 500 to 600 feet in the air.
  • In south St. Louis, Missouri, yet another train derailment. Several cars jumped the tracks on a trestle near Interstate 44 and Wellington Road near the rail yard.
  • (1:40 p.m.) In Manhattan, New York, a manhole exploded with a fiery blast, causing a loss of power, and rattling residents. A cloud of smoke covered the street. One witness heard two smaller explosions before the final, much louder one.
  • (9:30 pm.) In Russia, a methane gas explosion ripped through a coal mine, killing two miners.
  • (Around 5 a.m.) In Wisconsin, a Wisconsin & Southern railroad train derailed in downtown Janesville.
  • In Italy, Mt Etna is fuming.
  • In Florida, hundreds of dead fish were found along the banks of Thompson’s Bayou at University of West Florida.

Thursday, Jan 23

  • (1 a.m. Friday in Australia) In Australia, residents awoke to explosions, smoke and flames. When firefighters arrived they were confronted by a metal, single story building spitting fire and smoke through its roof.
  • (10:15 a.m.) In Ohio, there were gas-well explosions and a large fire in Boston Heights behind several houses.
  • (2:00-2:30 a.m.) In Carroll County, Tennessee, yet another train derailment left 40 freight cargo cars in a tangled mess just south of McKenzie. The train derailed, hit a tree, knocking it into the roadway of Highway 79. An 18-wheeler hit the tree.
  • (Night) In NW Argentina, a mudslide swept through a town sweeping soil and debris through villages and pushing huge boulders into roads, vehicles, and houses. Roads to El Rodeo are blocked, the town has lost power and is running out of provisions.
  • In Florida, 25 dead whales Pilot whales were found near Naples in southwest Florida.
  • (Morning) In Texas, dead starlings and grackles were found scattered on and around the Interstate-35W. They showed no visual signs of trauma. Crews collected just over 200 dead birds.

Friday, Jan 24

  • (6:30 a.m.) In New York, three underground manhole explosions blew out windows and scalded cars. Explosions were five minutes apart and flames were about 4 ft. high.
  • (Early morning) Alaskan highway buried under “multiple avalanches,” avalanches keep rolling continue down nonstop. Multiple avalanches blocked a highway. Locals say this is one of the largest avalanche activities ever seen in the area.
  • In China, more than 400 people have been evacuated after two huge ground cracks, totaling more than 3,000 meters, appeared at an open mine in northeast China's Liaoning Province. The fissures (two meters wide and four to five meters deep) have caused subsidence and have ripped into a nearby mountain that is showing signs of landslide, threatening a area 4.08 sq. km, where a 4,435 people live.
  • In England, gigantic sinkhole opened just outside the village of Foolow in the Peak District, Derbyshire. The sinkhole aperture now measures 160 ft. across and 130 ft. deep.
  • Near Cebu in the Philippines, four ships ran aground - three of them in one day (6:10 p.m., 2 a.m., and 2:44 a.m.) And, about 240 passengers were left stranded after the Joyful Star, owned by Robles Shipping, ran aground around 5 a.m.
  • (afternoon) In India, a building collapsed in Wayanad.
  • (6 a.m.) In Mumbai, a 5-story building (the entire building) collapsed, killing one and 100 more feared under rubble.

Saturday, Jan 25

  • ACE satellite data was interrupted for approximately 17 hours between January 25 and 26.
  • There was severe compression and twisting of the magnetosphere for about 10 hours, along with extreme magnetic dipole tilt.
  • (1:05 a.m.) In Canada, a natural gas pipeline exploded near Otterburne, 50 km south of Winnipeg, leaving thousands without heat as temperatures dropped to -20 C, or -34 C with the wind chill. The fire burned for more than 12 hours.
  • (8:30 – 9 p.m.) In Oklahoma, police in Rogers County towns reported calls from residents hearing and feeling a "loud boom."
  • (4 p.m.) New Jersey, the Hood canal bridge collapsed and remains submerged.

Sunday, Jan 26

  • (Mid-morning) In Pasco County, Florida, a 20 ft. wide, 15 ft. deep and growing sinkhole prompted evacuation of multiple homes in Holiday. The sinkhole started under the driveway and expanded beneath the garage.
  • (Monday in Greece) A strong earthquake damaged roads and buildings and causing injuries on the island of Kefalonia south of Athens. At least two dozen aftershocks have been felt since the initial 6.0 quake, the latest of these aftershocks registered 5.4, a significant earthquake on its own. Significant aftershocks continue to rattle the area. Some old buildings near the epicenter collapsed and landslides have blocked some roads. A soccer field suffered a deep rift, as have parts of the road network.
  • In Saudi Arabia, a three-story Building in downtown Jeddah collapsed.

And the beat goes on!

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