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Exploring Wayne Dyer

There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem: by Wayne Dyer

"I've heard it said that the only difference between a flower that is alive and one that is dead is that the live flower is growing." WD, p. 135

"I don't know who I am, but life is for learning." "Woodstock" song, Joni Mitchell

Growing, learning, this is life. Don't worry about your mistakes, because you will keep making them. Life is a school for learning, and you are here for the purpose of growing into whom you can be, your Highest Self.

How can you learn and grow when you are so darn depressed? you ask. Stop and think of something that makes you happy, perhaps your cat or dog. And always, always remind yourself that you will feel good soon again, perhaps after you've had some exercise and enough sleep!

Depression is a monster inhabiting our ship of dreams. It's a big green, one-eyed slimy thing. Throw it overboard!

Twenty percent, it has been estimated, of the world's population is afflicted with depression. So there's something. You're not alone!

"When your emphasis is the inner spiritual energy of love, peace, rejoicing, cheerfulness, celebration, and kindness, you cannot know debilitating depression." WD, Ibid., p. 220

When you get out of yourself and do something or give something to someone, don't you feel better?

"In a sense, hope is the restoration of the appetite for life itself, and all the bliss that accompanies a renunciation of the search for meaning and power in the material world." WD, Ibid., p. 221

This means, to feel hopeful and restore your natural bliss, put down that checkbook that you're trying to balance, forget the dishes in the sink, and meditate or go for a walk, look at the clouds and listen to the birds instead.

"Remember to call in God and literally turn the despair over to God." WD, Ibid., p.223

God knows all things. God is with us, and God is love.

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