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Exploring the Unknown: The Nandi Bear

The Nandi Bear
The Nandi Bear
Wiki Cryptids

The Nandi Bear according to sources the Nandi Bear is also known as Ngoloko and Kerit. It's a creature from Western Kenya. Now the Nandi Bear is said to be a mix of a hyena and a bear. Local legends say that this legendary creature only will eat the brains of its victims. During the 19th century and the early 20th century many reports from travelers were swarming about seeing it.

From reports from both residents and travelers, they have sighted the creature as looking like something like this:

  • It's known to be a carnivore
  • It has high shoulders
  • A sloping back
  • Same size has a large lion
  • It has a brownish or black colored coat
  • Has large teeth
  • When standing upright it's about 6ft tall (according to some reports)
  • Other reports say that it's only around 4 to 5ft tall.
  • It is said to have no tail
  • It has short ears
  • It has large feet

So throughout the years those are some of the characteristics that people have given the Nandi Bear.

Some reports of seeing the creature came in 1912, by Major Toulson. A year later two reports came, one from the District Commissioner of Eldoret, N.E.F. Corbett and by another by an engineer named G.W. Hickers. So it's a question on what did they really see?

For those who ask what was it really question, well many believe that the people that think they are seeing a Nandi Bear are actually misidentifying a hyena, some even go as far saying that it is an an extinct beast called the chalicothere, or even a large baboon. So that's just some of the explanations that were giving about what the Nandi Bear really is.

So that's an interesting and strange look at the legend (and sometimes for some not so much legendary) the Nandi Bear.

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