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Exploring the Unknown: The Caddy

"Cadborosaurus willsi" carcass from October, 1937
"Cadborosaurus willsi" carcass from October, 1937
Wikimedia Commons/OgreBot

No we're not talking about golf here, it's actually about an unknown creature, well the name is known, but its existence to many is not. The caddy is known as the cadborosaurus willsi. Many people have reported seeing this alleged sea monster on the Pacific Coast of North America. The caddy is also known as British Columbia's Cadboro Bay sea monster. It's a monster that has been closely related to the Loch Ness Monster.

Over the past 200 years there have been over 300 claims of sightings. Some of those sightings took place in British Columbia, San Francisco Bay, the Saanich Peninsula, and Island View Beach.

The first sighting was reported in 1933 by a lawyer and his wife on their yacht. They reported it as a creature with a camel's head. According to other witnesses throughout time said that the sea monster had front flippers, large webbed hind flippers, a large fan-tail, it resembled a serpent with vertical coils, had a horse-like head, and a very long neck. The length of it is around 40 to 70 feet long.

Some have even claimed to have captured the caddy. One account of this was in 1968, where W. Hagelund claimed he caught a baby near De Couray Island. It's a very strange story that supposedly happened. Before that in 1953, ten people reported seeing it though nobody caught it.

While not everyone believes that this is a creature called the caddy, some have their own explanations, here is a list of those:

  • Zeuglodon, a prehistoric whale-like creature
  • A Sea Lion
  • Oarfish
  • Basking Shark
  • Pipefish

The caddy was even featured on TV, the show "Northern Mysteries," did a segment on the monster.

So when you go exploring the waters especially at Cadboro Bay, make sure to keep your eyes open, because you might see this monster or something like it...

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