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Exploring the Unknown: Ropen

An interesting look at what the ropen looks like
An interesting look at what the ropen looks like

Next up on the list of exploring the unknown is the creature known as the ropen. The ropen is said to live in Papua New Guinea on the two small islands, Rambunzo and Umboi. It's a large bird-like creature that translates to demon flyer. It has a teeth-filled beak, webbed feet, a long tail with a strange end to it, and some eye-witness reports have said it's a dark gray color.

The wing span is debated so the stories go as far as saying it was 3 feet to 24 feet. Many link the ropen, to the prehistoric beasts the pterosaurs. Legends say that they like to live in caves, they are nocturnal, and like the common firefly, ropens are bioluuminescence.

Legends (and to some facts) also state that the ropen likes to eat human flesh. The gruesome part of this is some believe that the ropen likes to swoop into a funeral procession and eat the flesh off of the corpse of the deceased. It's a very morbid belief.

Like any creature the ropen has it's own list of what it is, some believe people are really seeing a misidentified bat, that it's a really a frigatebird, and like stated before it's somehow linked to the prehistoric pterosaurs. So that's just a look at what the other beliefs are on what really a ropen could be.

One interesting reported came in 1944 from Army Calgary member, Duane Hodgkinson. He saw the creature during the afternoon in August. It crashed into the bushes, and to him it looked like a mix of a reptile and bird. He was stationed in the Northwest of Lae, near Finschaven, Papua New Guinea.

So that's a look at another unknown creature, the ropen. Hopefully nobody sees one because of the whole eating human flesh thing is kind of terrifying.

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