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Exploring the Sacral Chakra for self-expression and creativity

The second chakra is the sacral. It's associated with the color orange and is located right below your belly button. The sacral has everything to do with the vibrations that we give off. Knowing that the world is full of energy, we each give off a particular vibe. What does yours express? Who are you attracting?

Wonder why you've been experiencing a creative block?

If you find yourself constantly complaining, surrounded by toxic relationships, and lacking creativity (or even worse, believing you that you aren't creative), then it's a good chance your sacral chakra is imbalanced. Symptoms include:

  • Obsessions/addictions
  • Negative relationship with your body
  • Depression
  • Oversensitive
  • Manipulative behaviors
  • Lacking emotional warmth
  • Inability to articulate your feelings

One of the easiest ways to better balance this chakra is to get creative! Take a timeout and do more of what you love to do. As an entrepreneur it is extremely easy to stray away from what you were once passionate about in the name of building your brand. If this is you, consider paying someone, bartering or hiring an intern to do the "other stuff" while you get back to creating.

Regardless of which side we lean more towards, we all have both a left and right side of our brain. We are all capable of both logic and intuitive creation. The consequence of neglecting either side results in conflict. The discord begins inside, but always seeps out--hence, the toxic relationships and unpleasant workplace environments.

On the other hand, someone who has a well-balanced sacral chakra will be warm, creative, passionate, easygoing, and expressive. They smile often and genuinely. They rest well at night and attract others just like them. Versus settling for the negative, they manage to find the positive in situations. They are who employers dream of hiring!

Does this sound like you? If not, then consider realigning. The above-video further explores the sacral chakra and teaches how to heal and balance it for self-expression and creativity.

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