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Exploring the Field museum in Chicago part 4.

Ancient Mummies, Egyptian Gods and Goddess, Artifacts and more
Ancient Mummies, Egyptian Gods and Goddess, Artifacts and more
shetan noir

The exhibit for Tibet is beautiful and colorful. It sits at the beginning of the Pacific spirits exhibit hall and I pause there, part of me want to go explore and get lost in there but the List, yes that list beckons me to go visit the hall of gems and hall of jade, then ancient Egypt. This weighs on me for a moment and then my feet are moving to the end of the hall and rare gems and meteorites are with in my reach.
My finger tips lightly glide along the surface of a large meteor. The plaque on display says please touch and I do. My next stop is the Hall of Jade and it's stunning. Display cases filled with beautifully carved pieces of jade artwork. Rich shades of green and blue. A large piece of jade sits in the middle of the room. A small chunk removed so you can see how it is formed. The glassy blue and green center gives me a reason to not just lightly touch it but to inspect it visibly and with my hands. My reason for this is a trip planned for another time, a trip where I may go collect jade.
From here I make my way to the the Inside Ancient Egypt exhibit. I pass the Man-eater of Mfuwe display and my feet stop. I am taking pictures of the Lion in it's glass display and the information plaques.
Egypt is next and I do take my time walking through this exhibit. So many mummies and artifacts. My camera is not getting a break in here. Impressive and enchanting. At points it has the feel of an actual ancient village, a temple and a pyramid.
This reconstruction is based around original pieces of the tomb, creating two authentic chamber rooms dating back to 2400 BC. The original walls feature masterfully crafted reliefs while accompanying new walls are decorated with hieroglyphs made using ancient methods. I travel from the ground-level of the tomb towards the burial chamber, where 23 human mummies are on display. Included with the mummies and sarcophagi are dioramas depicting the full 70-day mummification process. Special objects and informative displays let me understand ancient Egyptian religious beliefs and give context to the elaborate preparations for death and the afterlife.
The shire to the cat goddess Bastet features 31 animal mummies including cats, falcons, even a crocodile on display. In other parts of the exhibit carvings of other gods and goddess can be seen, along with a ancient market place and a glass encased 4,000-year-old royal boat which belonged to the powerful Middle Kingdom Pharaoh Sen-Wosret III.

Tibet exhitbit at the Field museum of Natural history
Shetan Noir

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