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Exploring the Field museum in Chicago part 3.

Fossil and Dinosaur lovers paradise!
Fossil and Dinosaur lovers paradise!
shetan noir

My next stop was the hall of plants of the world, which I will confess I passed through just to get to the Hall of Dinosaurs. I had already mentally made a list of all the exhibits I wanted to see and Hall of Dinosaurs was at the top of that list. This list, My list was like an invisible five year old child tugging on my hand saying Dinosaurs now! Dinosaurs now!
To get to the hall of dinosaurs I first started out in the evolving planet exhibit. A fossil preparation laboratory gives observers a chance to look into the world of fossil research and then you start down the halls. An ancient forest, Mazon Creek fossil invertebrate collection is the first encounter. Large tree trunks, ferns and invertebrate are just a few things showcased in this 40,000 specimen collection.
The fossil collections of Fossil amphibians and reptiles is a medium-sized collection of some 7,000 fossils. This includes Dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus aka Sue, Apatosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Rapetosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Lambeosaurus, Daspletosaurus along with earlier fossil remains of Pareiasaurs, Eryops and Edaphosurids to name a few.
There is SO much to see here and it Kills me that I can't just spend the whole day right here in this exhibit reading every information plaque and staring at each fossil til it's image is ingrained in my memory but I have the whole rest of the museum to explore.
The exhibit continues on to the fossil mammals collection that host dire wolf, sabre toothed cats, mammoths, mastodons, Short faced bears, cave bears and giant sloths and many more. I linger here and there taking pictures of the fossils that interest me the most. To me this is one of the big highlights of the museum and I was not disappointed.
I travel over to the upper balcony to get pictures of Sue's skull, encased in a glass display box that you can walk all the way around. 600Lbs and massive. I glance at the map in my hand and decide to visit Tibet on the other side of the hall and make my way to it.

Sue the T.rex on display at the Field museum of natural history
Shetan Noir

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