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Exploring the Field museum in Chicago part 2.

artifacts on display at the Field museum of Natural History in Chicago.
artifacts on display at the Field museum of Natural History in Chicago.
shetan noir

Just a few yards in front of Sue the T.rex, Is a full sized elephant on display and I decide to take a walk through the Ancient Americans hall exhibit. This exhibit takes you on a trip through history and cultures. Showcasing relics from the Native American cultures of Northwest coast and Arctic tribes, South western and North American tribes. This exhibit is rich with artifacts and worth the time to explore.
The museum's collections of South American artifacts were founded with the materials collected from the World Columbian Exposition of 1893. Highlights that came from the World’s Fair consist of items collected from Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Paraguay. One of these collections, the Montez Collection (Accesion 6), consists of approximately 1,200 objects that were purchased in the 19th century from this private Peruvian collector for the World’s Fair. While the vast majority of this collection is comprised of ceramic vessels from the Inca Period, this exceptional collection of ancient Peruvian objects also includes spectacular objects from the Colonial period.
The Field Museum's Mesoamerican and Central American collections include a wide-range of archaeological and ethnographic pieces, many are of the highest exhibition quality. This collection also includes a number of artifacts of significant research value, including those from scientific excavations made by J. Eric Thompson, and the research collections gathered by several significant cultural anthropologists. Portions of the collection were previously loaned to the Guggenheim, the Royal Academy of Arts, the National Museum of Mexican Arts (Chicago), and the Art Institute of Chicago.
The North American part of the exhibit features Blackfoot bead work from the Plains. Obsidian blades from the Hopewell site. Transformation masks from the Northwest coast. Archaeological textiles from the Southwest. The Field Museum serves as a steward for hundreds of thousands of objects from throughout North America.
The Museum's collections from the Arctic and Subarctic evidence the many-faceted adaptations of human societies to stark, changing environments.
Another strength of the Museum's North American collections is the material culture of groups in the Plains and Montane regions. They reflect the long history of migration and diversification of Native people across the heartland of America.
In the Museum's collections from the southwestern United States, prehistoric specimens have played a role in understanding the origins of agriculture in the region.
The Museum holds a large collection of material from the Hopewell Culture of Ohio dating back more than 2,000 years. It is one manifestation of the far-flung Hopewell network that extended over much of the eastern United States and included trade in copper, obsidian, pearls, exotic flints, mica, and quartz.

Ancient Americas exhibit at field museum of natural history
Shetan Noir

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