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Exploring Holiday Displays in the Meadows in Castle Rock

This time of year, a favorite -- and cheap -- family activity is driving around the neighborhood and checking out the holiday light displays.    There are so many wonderful displays of holiday spriit throughout the Meadows in Castle Rock, we decided to highlight a few must visits for our readers.

The following is a list of suggested locations to check out some interesting, bright, phenominal, whimisical, and all round spirited holiday displays.  All of these are located throughout the Meadows in Castle Rock.

Blue Grass Circle was our first stop.  This street probably has the most houses decorated.   Specifically, the first house on the corner of Blue Grass and Butterfield Crossing is worth checking out.

A short drive away is the most decorated house in all of the Meadows.  You don't need the house number.  Just drive down to the end of the cul de sac on Sawmill Court, and you can't miss the gigantic display of lights, decorations, and all else Christmas spirit.  And kudos to the house across the street, which normally would stand out but barely registers on the radar screen because of its decorated neighbor.

Driving a short distance from there, you hit Lily Gulch, which has many well lit houses that shoot off onto its side streets.  Pay special attention to 4440 Larksong, with its syncronized flashing lights/music display.  Defintiely the most fancy of the bunch.

There are so many more houses to see, so I will leave it up to the reader to continue to explore.  Make sure you go down Sunridge Terrace, McLean Court, and Running Deer Lane.  Happy Holidays.


  • Chrissy - Douglas County Examiner 5 years ago

    Thanks for this list... I found one on Twitter that's a tour of Parker and Castle Rock... are you on twitter? I'm @dccoexaminer