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Exploring BMX: Peninsula Indoor BMX Port Orchard WA

One thing you will feel as soon as you enter the arena is the history this track brings to the sport.   Every one has their place and gets busy as soon as they arrive.   Track Operator, Alan Mazuti,   announces the news while track director, Jeff Klatman,  busily sweeps and "waters" the track.    Just two of many who work diligently before each race. Above the gate,  a lone pair of work gloves hang giving tribute to the hard working, dedicated man,  and very missed Mike Raich. 

This track has persevered through more than its share of traumas this year.   They recently held a memorial race honoring fallen officer and BMX Dad,  Kent Mundell,     The racing community throughout Washington came together with help from some friends and offered the support only a BMX family can give to his two children who continue to race.

Tight quarters bring the spectator right into the action.  Riders leave the gate and it takes a hole shot to get the lead as you reach the first corner.    Riders disappear from the crowd and re-emerge down the 2nd straight so close to the stands the wind will whip your hair as they fly over the double into the tight sweep of the 3rd corner.   Moving into the rhythm, there'll be one last chance for your final move before you turn to the finish line.

Spectators pack in tightly along the sides to cheer on their favorite racer.    Removing some old bleachers opened up some extra room too.     One of the few places to offer racing throughout the winter, Peninsula Indoor BMX is a great stop and this wonderful BMX extended family will make you feel right at home.


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