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Exploring BMX: Medford BMX

A quick hop, skip, and jump, and we were off to stop two of the 2010 Southern Series, Medford BMX.    Situated in Bear Creek Park, off Barnett, the new exit #27 on I-5 drops you right at thier front door! 

Track Operator, Kathleen Akin, made sure the track was ready to go.  That was no easy job being that Friday delivered sideways hail.   But BMXer's are dedicated and hard working, and it takes way more than a little challenge to keep us down.

Medford BMX is home to new national and local vendor Smiley Face Jake and team purse winner, Rider's Choice Bikes.    If you aren't a member of the Sweaty Head Club you need to get signed up!

While everyone holds high hopes they will see a new home in the near future, the track help up great for the forty motos.   Even the weather proved to be cooperative keeping us dry until it was done. 

Day two came to a close and everybody headed off to campers and hotels for a good night's rest and an early start as we moved on to stop three,  River City BMX. 


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