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Exploring BMX: 2010 Winter Nationals

Black Mountain BMX plays host each year to the Winter Nationals in Phoenix Arizona.    When Mother Nature cooperates you get day one -  nearly 70 degrees,  more than 270 motos, 1700+ riders , and unbelievably more than fifty AA pros.    

As ABA continues its partnership with UCI, these riders, including international competitors are now attending many of our US events.     Few sports offer competition on a regular basis where you will meet and compete with riders from Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia and more.       We can surely expect to see this increase during this year and next as many countries will begin filling those coveted Olympic seats for the 2012 games to be held in London, England.     If you don't have any of the UCI series nationals on your calendar, this just gives you one more reason to go.

The excitement was not limited to the pro ranks.     Amateur competitors vied Saturday and Sunday on the newly rebuilt Black Mountain track.  Debbie Kelley and her crew clearly had put many hours into getting ready.      Their hard work was put to the test on Sunday when the rains returned to the desert.    What a difference a day makes!

Trying to get ahead of the game, the ABA resorted to a one-moto transfer and nearly knocked it out before sprinkles became showers,

This was a race to use your brain, and to be successful competitors needed to ride smart.    Some chose to switch to flats for the easy escape, but many found that would not prevent the inevitable you still weren't strong on the front end of your bike.    It was a matter of setting yourself firm in the gate,   getting out and keeping your bike on the ground (even the pro section was closed) and straight.      Those who chose to defy the odds likely found themselves on the ground.  Slide outs were not limited to the corners.

This remains one of the best venues of the year, and this year was no exception.      With Winter Nationals behind us,   it's time for some indoor racing.     Up this month,   the Great Northwest Nationals, in Redmond Oregon.  See you there!


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