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Explore Women's World Cup

To all our home school daughters who love soccer let them know we have a Women's World Cup . Girls interested in Soccer and dream of making their own mark in the Sport can compete with the best of the best. There is the FIFA Women's World Cup. You can explore more about it at : . It will be played in 2015 in Canada. So lets keep an eye on the world teams as they prepare for the game in Canada in 2015.

Canada is a great place to explore with your homeschool family. Get books from the Wilkes Public Library and explore the world of soccer. Explore the country of Canada and see if you can fly to Canada to see the American team play in the Women's World Cup. Let your kids learn more about the sport and consider Soccer camp in the North Carolina regions.

Explore more and learn more about the FIFA's Women World Cup in 2015 that will be played in Canada.

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