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Explore the island of Kauai HI from the land

By planning your trip in advance you'll be able to make the most of the sites and your time.
By planning your trip in advance you'll be able to make the most of the sites and your time.
Ken Bodine (C) 2013

Kauai is known as Hawaii’s ‘Garden Island’. It is a stunning tropical paradise that offers an endless array of vistas. You’ll discover breathtaking views of mountains, ancient volcanoes, and fabulous waterfalls. It's the oldest of the Hawaiian islands, with an estimated age of 5.8 million years. Here, a visitor can visit one of the wettest places on earth, locked deep inside the island.

Stand-up Boarding off the Coast of Kauai, HI
Ken Bodine (C) 2013

Kauai is a small island, only 33 miles across at its widest point. It can become busy with visitors so planning in advance is critical. Keep in mind that 'busy' is a relative term. It's so small, there is no interstate highway anywhere on the island of Kauai. The two-lane highways that are there take time to travel because of their limited size. Be ready to spend twenty minutes to drive eight miles.

Most visitors have only a few days during their visits to the island. The trick is to make the best of your available time in your schedule. In order to do this you need someone who can help you create an efficient plan for your visit.

One of the most efficient planning resources on the island, is the Expedia Local Experts, located at the concierge's desk of the major resorts. These staffers are locals, who live on the islands. They know the boat owners, outfitters, shop owners, and drive daily in the limited traffic. This group of planners understand the costs, traffic patterns, times, distances, and the general logistics of getting from here to there on the island. These are island residents, not a call center on the mainland looking at a computer screen.

The best part is that you do not have to be staying at the resort to use their complementary services. These folks work for Expedia, not the individual resorts. Everyone is welcome to stop by and utilize their experience. Better yet, call them before you leave home. They are able offer some of the best real-time advice for adventure planning on the island. If there are last minute problems in your plans, these are the folks who can best troubleshoot the issue in a moments notice.

The island is filled with endless places to visit and wondrous foods to enjoy. While visiting Kauai, a traveler can be easily become wrapped up looking for the finest restaurants available. An option you may very well consider is some of local markets you'll find along the island roads. One incredible stop is the Ishihara Market, located on the south shore of the island, on Kahakai Rd. The quality of the seafood is stunning.

This looks to be just another simple market, but in the back is a deli counter where you can get some amazing seafood. The Ahi and Poke is some of the freshest, and most flavorful that I have ever had, anywhere. I was simply stunned by the quality of the fish.

With a bit of planning, you can grab your meal for a trip to the top of Waimea Canyon Lookout. This too is a site you must visit. Consider all of the natural formations on the islands a 'must do' as part of your visit to this extraordinary isle. In the end, words cannot adequately describe the natural wonders of the island. They must be seen to be appreciated.

One of the greatest resources on the island is the people. They provide a rich cultural heritage, of which everyone should spend a bit of time learning. The community is rich with talented artists. They bring life to the islands. One potter who creates a unique work is Kathleen Bryan. Her use of materials is both creative and well measured.

A visit to Kauai will provide you endless opportunities to explore and discover new things. Be sure to explore both the naturally crafted land, but also the texture that is created by the people who live there.

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