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Explore the Harvest and Olympic Park Subdivision walkways in west Billings

Pathway crossing Granger Avenue in west Billings.
Pathway crossing Granger Avenue in west Billings.

If you’ve ever visited the Harvest and Olympic Park neighborhoods in west Billings, you may have noticed the lack of sidewalks along the streets. You may also have noticed several crosswalks and an extensive network of paved walkways branching throughout the neighborhood. Bordered by King, Shiloh, Monad, and 32nd Avenue, this network of tree-lined paths comprises the Harvest and Olympic Park Subdivision Parkways.

A section of the walkway running through Harvest Subdivision in west Billings.
Photo taken by Jill Lippard

Managed by the City of Billings Parks and Recreation Department, over ten miles of paved sidewalks meander through the Harvest and Olympic Park subdivisions providing various recreational opportunities. These pathways offer a peaceful setting for jogging, walking, biking, and rollerblading. Instead of passing along the street in front of people’s homes, the sidewalks in this neighborhood pass along the backyards of people’s homes. So, one still has the feeling of taking a neighborhood stroll, but from a slightly different perspective with less car traffic. Ample green space surrounds the pathways providing several areas for throwing a Frisbee, playing catch, or just relaxing in the sun. Picnic tables and benches line the trails. Garbage cans and baggie stations placed at regular intervals make it easy to pick up after your pets. The walkways also pass by Big Sky Elementary School, giving access to a playground, basketball courts, a baseball diamond, and soccer fields.

The Harvest and Olympic Park neighborhood walkways may be accessed from Big Sky Elementary School or from wherever the paths intersect with the streets. The city even keeps the paths plowed during the winter months, so they can be utilized year-round. 

Get outside and enjoy the trails and walkways in and around Billings during the week so you'll be in better shape to attack the mountain hiking trails on the weekends!