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Explore Indiana Attractions & Destinations

There's plenty of events and attractions to enjoy throughout Indiana!
There's plenty of events and attractions to enjoy throughout Indiana!
Melody Schubert

Indiana has a diverse selection of attractions and events to enjoy. From the Indianapolis Children's Museum and the Indianapolis Art Museum to fact paced action at the Indianapolis 500, there's always something exciting happening in Indiana. Not to mention the Indianapolis Colts, who have fans on the edge of their seats as the fight for another chance at the Super Bowl.

When it comes to traveling around the state you'll find charming towns and events. In fact, Indiana has so many things going on throughout the year you can just about find something to do every weekend. Here are a few features highlighting many of the great destinations to explore in Indiana, plus details on how to plan your visit to each:

Endless Adventures and Entertainment in Bloomington, IN
Where can you find a getaway destination with three lakes, two forests and miles of hiking, biking and walking trails in the Midwest? Bloomington, Indiana; home to Indiana University, the annual Little 500, Hilly Hundred Bicycle Weekend, and host of festive events year-round. 

Sat Night Cruises In Beautiful Nashville, IN

Beautiful Nashville kicks off DOWNTOWN SATURDAY NIGHT features a CRUISE-IN for classic/customized cars, trucks and motorcycles in March. This exciting event will continue throughout the Spring and Summmer on Saturday nights, from 4pm to 7pm through August.

Celebrating Small Town America In Morgan County and Mooresville, Indiana

Mooresville has many antique and unique shops, artist, and all the local businesses one comes to expect to find in a small town. The heart of Mooresville and Morgan County are the friendly folks who call this area home. These are the people who donate to local organizations and race hospital beds down Main Street for Charity. Also in Morgan County, Indiana is Los Tres Caminos that serves an Authentic Taste Of Mexico.

Relax In Comfort At The Fairfield Inn and Enjoy All Of Richmond, Indiana’s Attractions

Richmond, Indiana is one of our favorite destinations to visit because of the many unique attractions and events we enjoy visiting. Each time we visit we discover something new like the unique shops and clubs in Richmond’s Historic Depot District or a high flying adventure Skydiving at Skydive Wayne County.

These are just a handful of the destinations and attractions to enjoy in Indiana. To plan your trip around the state and learn about all there is to do visit the links provided below.

Plan Your Visit To Bloomington - To plan your trip to Bloomington and learn more about these family-friendly activities, hotel information, a complete calendar of events, plus find out more about the hundreds of great things to see, do and experience in Bloomington, contact the Bloomington Visitor Center at 812-334-8900 or 800-800-0037, or go online at

Plan Your Visit To Indianapolis - Searching for more exciting Indy events, including the upcoming Colts schedule and festivities Downtown? Visit the Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association at for saving on packages and schedules of events!

Plan Your Visit To Morgan County, Indiana - For area information visit the Morgan County Chambers of Commerce online or the Mooresville Chamber of Commerce at 4 East Harrison St in Mooresville, Indiana. 

Plan Your Visit To Nashville, Indiana - Brown County is a year-round destination famous for shopping, antiques, outdoor activities, live entertainment, and wine tasting. Plan your trip by visiting the Brown County Indiana CVB

Plan Your Visit To Richmond, Indiana - To find out more about events, festivals, and attractions to explore in Richmond and Wayne County, Indiana visit the National Road Welcome Center online at or call to 1 800-828-8414 or 765-935-8687 and you'll be on your way.


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