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Exploratorium: Soundwave ((6)) (Sub)mersion

The Fog Bridge, Piers 15-17
The Fog Bridge, Piers 15-17
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Thursday August 21 is the evening for an unusual experience at the Exploratorium. I should say 'yet another unusual experience...' This time it's an Off the Screen exhibit that includes sights and sounds into the total offering. Soundwave, in association with Exploratorium Cinema Arts, will surround visitors in a cinematic-sound event that investigates ideas, ecologies, stories, and properties of the most important resource human beings have on this earth...water.

Duo IN/S uses multi-channel audio recordings combined with a 16mm multi-projection that was filmed on commercial fishing boats at sea. Concentrating on life on, under and around the water, this film shows the negative impacts that are affecting, and effecting, our seas, from radiation in the Pacific to global warming changing our fisheries. Duo IN/S titled this piece Condition of Form.

Pamela Z, a pioneer in live digital looping will present Acqua. Working with film artist Paul Clipson, and film artist Ashley Bellouin who present a detailed study of the rhythmic, associative, and reflective qualities of water, Pamela gives us a short series of presentations using voice, electronics, and video. She uses live and sampled sounds of water and video images and manipulates them in real time with gesture-activated midi controllers and diffused into the Kanbar space, making it seem 'wet' and immersing and submerging the audience in the total experience

MEDIATE Art Group presents Soundwave as a biennial festival incorporating innovative sound, art, and music. Every other year, the festival brings together an assortment of multi-talented artists to explore new ideas in sound to challenge what we see, hear, and perceive art and music.

You can explore this invigorating experience by going to the Exploratorium this Thursday, August 21st at 7:00 PM. It's an Adults Only evening, 18 and older, please. Tickets are $15.00 for Non-Members, $10:00 for Members, and Free for Lab-Members, the same as the price of admission to the museum. The event will be presented in the Kanbar Forum. Don't miss it!