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Exploration Tower in Port Canaveral Welcomes You

Port Canaveral's building with a curve is a place to observe and has art that promotes to conserve.

Hanging sea life art display is made from recycled trash.
Marisa L. Williams
The new Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral welcomes visitors.
Marisa L. Williams

Port Canaveral's Exploration Tower is a great place to view a meteor shower and learn about space power.

Watch a shuttle launch from up top, see the golfing astronaut prop and hope that space travel does not stop.

How much space is not explored? Florida's history cannot be ignored. Take a picture on a surf board.

Cocoa Beach is the home of Ron Jon and surfers with brawn that are as graceful on the water as a swan.

Watch the movie screen raise up, revealing the sun's glean. How do they keep all the glass clean?

Look at the shore. There's breathtaking views from each floor, and each level teaches you more.

You can virtually steer a ship. There's a few moments to make the trip; Captain, think you are equip?

Guide the boat through the storm. How well can you perform? There's colorful displays that inform.

The hanging sea life recycled art is a concept that's very smart from a girl with a lot of heart.

Get hypnotized by the color changing lights that provide delights by illuminating the tower during the nights.

Feel the warm Florida sunshine, gaze at the Morton Salt Mine and the passing cruise line.

The Exploration Tower will welcome visitors, wherever they are from, but the scenery will change in the future some.

Be on the lookout for new shops and touristy stops that will surely be deserving of props.

The surrounding landscape will grow, as time will show, so when are you planning to go?

For more information on the Port Canaveral Exploration Tower, visit Marisa Williams earned her Master's in Writing from the Johns Hopkins University and is the author of more than 100 books. For more by Marisa, visit

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