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Explain why the president and vice president are waging a campaign?

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Do you feel like you are being fleeced by the Obama administration? I don’t get it. The President sent an email asking for a donation to Organizing for America (OFA). I have contributed in the past when the President was running for reelection, but that is long past. He and Vice President Biden are supposed to be full on attending to their duties as executives, but I get the feeling that they are tremendously distracted by fundraising.

The Democrat Party should be about fund raising. Hillary Clinton can be about fundraising, but President Obama should be about managing the executive branch of government. It is alarming to get nickel-and-dimed by the executive branch when there are significant crises the require 24/7 attention and hands-on management. Demonstrating high competence at managing global crises and leading the nation to sustainable economics is what voters might expect.

“I'll be straight with you, James:

After tomorrow's fundraising deadline, we'll have to sit down and make some hard decisions.

Unlike some of our opponents, we don't have endless resources -- we have to spend smart and count on grassroots donations to come through in the clutch. And that's why we send you all these emails.

If you believe in this work, you have a decision to make:

Chip in to help before midnight tomorrow, or hope that someone else does it for you.

Because you've saved your payment information, your donation will go through immediately:”

Organizing for Action

I’ll be straight with you President Obama, stop organizing and focus on managing. That Obamacare rollout was a disaster, even though the Obamacare idea was the right thing to do. Such is an example of your over delegating to the wrong people and not keeping your hands on the situation. That seems to be your management approach, and as I have written consistently, it is flawed.

Read my book, Smart Data, Enterprise Performance Optimization Strategy © 2010 Wiley Publishing. It was written in part to provide you with specific guidance. Now, we need to get Hillary Clinton and Republicans to read it too because America requires a collaborative approach and strong executive management.

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