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Expiration Dates for you Makeup

Like all the good things in the world, your makeup expires. But how do you know when the expiration is actually coming, they don't print it on your product. Luckily, I know and I am here to help you remember.

It is always important to throw your makeup away at the appropriate time. Keeping it longer can cause infections and who knows what else, I mean think about it, how much do you actually use that product a day? It will add up.

Here is your quick guide to remember when it is time to throw away your products.

Mascara- 3 months
Liquid Linear- 6 months
Foundation 6-12 months
Lip gloss- 1 year
Concealer- 1 year
Nail Polish- 2 years
Lipstick- 2 years
Powder products including eye shadow, face powder, bronzer and blush- 2 years.

With this foolproof guide you won't have to worry about when your makeup expire again and it will help keep breakouts from happening or getting an eye infection!

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